Fred Smith has been a recognized leader and trusted name in the sports handicapping industry since 1980. He has continued to increase his reputation with honesty and hard work evolving into the one of the most savvy and expert... more   Sam Winston is a professional gambler by definition, meaning that he has earned every penny that he has lived off of for the past 17 years through sports betting. At 48 years old he is financially secure and at the top of his game... more   Zach Cutter, our youngest football handicappers at only 34 years of age, has been handicapping sports professionally for the last 11 years, and unlike many, consistently posts a winning percent every year. His days consists of... more

Why Use Just Football Picks Handicapping Service

     Well first off, we specialize in making only football picks so we can focus all our efforts there and not be distracted by other sports being played the same day. Secondly, I was originally, and still am, just an average sports bettor with not enough time to analyze piles of data each week to win enough games to make a sizable profit.... probably a lot like yourselves. After spending years searching for quality football handicappers I believe I have finally found three of the most consistent football handicappers in the business of nfl football picks and college football picks.

     Fred Smith, Sam Winston and Zach Cutter have turned my small wad of cash into an impressive bankroll over the past 3 years so I have joined with them and started this website to pass the profits on to you. All 3 cappers have their picks monitored and verified by several reputable handicapping monitor services to backup their honesty.

     I feel there is no need to charge high fees like many other football handicapping services because most average sports bettors can't afford to spend half their bankroll just to get their football picks. Because my overhead is very low I am able to pass the savings on to you as well! Each Football handicapper offers several affordable packages of their own.

     I don't believe there is any other site online that offers consistent winning nfl football picks and college football picks for such a reasonable cost. But if you feel there is a better deal out there, by all means feel free to go that route. But add us in your favorites because from my own experience I think you will eventually find yourself back here anyway.

     Best of luck to all, and if you do find a better capper, let me know... I'll try to add them on to our football handicapping service.

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